This Catalog consists of two parts. The first part comprises the compositions with opus numbers as assigned by Grieg himself. The second part lists the remaining compositions with the EG numbers assigned in Vol. 20 of Edvard Grieg: Complete Works. Titles in the language used in the original composition are given in parentheses following the corresponding English titles. The entry GGA vol. n, 19xx signifies that the composition was printed for the first time in Edvard Grieg: Complete Works vol. n, published in the year indicated.  Numbers in brackets refer to the Catalog of Works in Finn Benestad and Dag Schjelderup-Ebbe, Edvard Grieg: The Man and the Artist (English translation by William H. Halverson and Leland B. Sateren), University of Nebraska Press, 1988.

All of Grieg's compositions are printed in Edvard Grieg: Complete Works vols. 1-20, C. F. Peters Musikverlag, Frankfurt/Leipzig/London/New York 1977-95, published under the auspices of the Edvard Grieg Committee, Oslo, Norway. The English titles employed below are the ones used in the C. F. Peters edition of Grieg's works.

A.       Compositions with Opus Numbers

Op. 1. Four Piano Pieces (Vier Stücke für das Pianoforte), 1861.

Op. 2. Four Songs (Vier Lieder), Voice/piano, 1861.

1.        The Maid of the Mill (Die Müllerin) (Chamisso)

2.        Closely Wrapped in Misty Billows (Eingehüllt in graue Wolken) (Heine)

3.        I Stood Before her Portrait (Ich stand in dunkeln Träumen) (Heine)

4.        What Shall I Say (Was soll ich sagen?) (Chamisso)

Op. 3. Poetic Tone Pictures (Poetiske tonebilder) (1-6) Piano, 1863.

Op. 4. Six Songs. (Sechs Lieder). Voice/piano, 1863-64.

1.        The Orphan (Die Waise) (Chamisso)

2.        Morning Dew (Morgentau) (Chamisso)

3.        Parting (Abschied) (Heine)

4.        Hunting Song (Jägerlied) (Uhland)

5.        The Old Song (Das alte Lied) (Heine)

6.        Where Have They Gone? (Wo sind sie hin?)(Heine)

Op. 5. Melodies of the Heart (Hjertets Melodier) (H. C. Andersen). Voice/piano, 1864-65.

1.        Two Brown Eyes (To brune Øjne)

2.        The Poet's Heart (Du fatter ej Bølgernes evige Gang)

3.         I Love But Thee (Jeg elsker dig)

4.         My Mind is Like a Mountain Steep (Min Tanke er et mægtigt Fjeld)

Op. 6.  Humoresques (Humoresker) (1-4). Piano, 1865.

Op. 7.  Piano Sonata in E Minor (Klaversonate i e-moll) Four movements, 1865.

Op. 8.  Violin Sonata No. 1 in F Major (Fiolinsonate nr. 1 i F-dur) Three movements. Violin/piano, 1865.

Op. 9.  Songs and Ballads (Romancer og Ballader) (Andreas Munch). Voice/piano, 1863-66.

1.         The Harp (Harpen)

2.         Cradle Song (Vuggesang)

3.         Sunset (Solnedgang)

4.         Outward Bound (Udfarten)

Op. 10. Four Songs (Fire Romancer) (Christian Winther). Voice/piano, 1864-66.

1.         Thanks (Taksigelse)

2.         Woodland Song (Skovsang)

3.         Song of the Flowers (Blomsterne tale)

4.         Song on the Mountain (Sang på Fjeldet)

Op. 11. In Autumn (I Høst) A Fantasy for piano four hands, 1866.

             Revised and arranged for symphony orchestra 1887 with the title:

             In Autumn. Concert Overture (I Høst. Koncertouverture).

Op. 12. Lyric Pieces I. (Lyriske stykker I) Piano, 1864(?)-67.

1.         Arietta (Arietta)

2.         Waltz (Vals)

3.         Watchman's Song (Vektersang)

4.         Fairy Dance (Alfedans)

5.         Folk song (Folkevise)

6.         Norwegian (Norsk)

7.         Album Leaf (Albumblad)

8.         National Song (Fædrelandssang)

Op. 13.  Violin Sonata No. 2 in G Major (Fiolinsonate nr. 2 i G-dur) Three movements. Violin/piano, 1867.

Op. 14.  Two Symphonic Pieces (To symfoniske stykker) (Deux pièces symphoniques), 1869. Arrangement for piano four hands 

              of the 2nd and 3rd movements from Symphony in C Minor, EG 119.

Op. 15.  Four Songs (Romancer) Voice/piano, 1864-68.

1.         Margaret's Cradle Song (Margretes Vuggesang) (Henrik Ibsen)

2.         Love (Kjærlighed) (H. C. Andersen)

3.         Folk Song from Langeland (Langelandsk Folkemelodi) (H. C. Andersen)

4.         A Mother's Grief (Modersorg) (Christian Richardt)

Op. 16. Piano Concerto in A Minor (Klaverkonsert i a-moll) Three movements, 1868.

Op. 17. Twenty-five Norwegian Folk Songs and Dances (25 Norske folkeviser og danser) Piano, 1870.

1.         Springdans (Springdans)

2.         The Swain (Ungersvennen)

3.         Springdans (Springdans)

4.         Nils Tallefjorden (Nils Tallefjorden)

5.         Dance from Jølster (Jølstring)

6.         Wedding Tune (Brurelåt)

7.         Halling (Halling)

8.         The Pig (Grisen)

9.         Religious Song (Når mit øye)

10.       The Wooe's Song (Friervise)

11.       Heroic Ballad (Kjempevise)

12.       Solfager and the Snake King (Solfager og Ormekongen)

13.       Wedding March (Reiselåt)

14.       I Sing with a Sorrowful Heart (Jeg sjunger med sorrigfuldt hjerte)

15.       Last Saturday Evening (Den siste lørdagskvelden)

16.       I Know a Little Maiden (Eg veit ei lita jente)

17.       The Gadfly and the Fly (Kleggen og fluga)

18.       Peasant Dance (Stabbelåten)

19.       Hølje Dale (Hølje Dale)

20.       Halling (Halling)

21.       The Woman from Setesdal (Sæbygga)

22.       Cow Call (So lokka me over den myra)

23.       Peasant Song (Så du nokke kjerringa mi)

24.       Wedding Tune (Brurelåt)

25.      The Ravens' Wedding (Rabnabryllaup i Kråkelund)

Op. 18.  Nine Songs (Romancer og Sange) Voice/piano, 1865-69.

1.         Moonlit Forest (Vandring i Skoven) (H. C. Andersen)

2.         My Darling is as White as Snow (Hun er så hvid) (H. C. Andersen)

3.         The Poet's Farewell (En Digters sidste Sang) (H. C. Andersen)

4.         Autumn Storms (Efteraarsstormen) (Christian Richardt)

5.         Poesy (Poesien) (H. C. Andersen)

6.         The Young Birch Tree (Ungbirken) (Jørgen Moe)

7.         The Cottage (Hytten) (H. C. Andersen)

8.         The Rosebud (Rosenknoppen) (H. C. Andersen)

9.         Serenade for Welhaven (Serenade til J. S. Welhaven) (Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson)

Op. 19.Pictures from Folk Life. (Folkelivsbilder) Piano, 1869-71.

1.         In the Mountains (Fjellslått)

2.         Bridal Procession (Brudefølget drar forbi)

3.         From the Carnival (Fra karnevalet)

Op. 20. Before a Southern Convent (Foran Sydens Kloster)  Two pieces from B. Bjørnson's Arnljot Gelline. Soprano and alto  

             soloists/women's chorus/piano, 1871. For soprano and alto soloists/women's chorus/orchestra, 1890.

1.         Who Knocks so Late at the Cloister Door? (Hvem banker så silde på klosterets port?)

2.         From Guilt, from Sin, to God Come In (Kom barn, kom brud)

Op. 21.Four Songs from B. Bjørnson's  "Fisher Maiden" (Fire Digte fra Bjørnsons "Fiskerjenten") Voice/piano, 1870-72.

1.         The First meeting (Det første møde)

2.         Good Morning (God morgen)

3.         To Springtime My Song I'm Singing (Jeg giver mit digt til våren)

4.         Say What You Will (Tak for dit råd)

Op. 22  Sigurd the Crusader (Sigurd Jorsalfar) Incidental music to B. Bjørnson's play, 1872. Complete score printed in GGA 19,  

             1988. See also op. 56.

1.         Prelude to Act 1. (Forspill til 1. akt) Orchestra

2.         Borghild's Dream (Borghilds drøm) (Act 1). Orchestra

3.         At the Matching Game (Ved mannjevningen). March (introduction to Act 2). Orchestra

4.         Northland Folk (Kvad) (end of Act 2). Tenor solo/male chorus/orchestra

5.         Homage March (Hyldningsmarsj) (Act 3). Orchestra

6.         Interlude I (Mellomspill I) (Act 3). Orchestra

7.         Interlude II (Mellomspill II) (Act 3). Orchestra

8.         The King's Song (Kongekvadet) (Act 3). Tenor solo/male chorus/orchestra

Op. 23. Peer Gynt (Peer Gynt) Incidental music to H. Ibsen's play. Comp. 1874-75, rev. 1885, 1887-88, 1890-92 and 1901-02.                    Complete score printed in GGA 18, 1988. See also opp. 46 and 55.

Act I

1.         Prelude. At the Wedding (Forspill. I bryllupsgården). Orchestra

2.         Halling (Halling). Violin solo

3.         Springdans (Springdans). Violin solo

Act II

4.         Prelude. The Abduction of the Bride. Ingrid's Lament (Forspill. Bruderovet. Ingrids klage). Orchestra

5.         Peer Gynt and the Herd Girls (Peer Gynt og seterjentene). Voice/melodrama

6.         Peer Gynt and the Woman in Green (Peer Gynt og Den Grønnkledte). Orchestra

7.         Peer Gynt: "You can tell great men by the style of their mounts" (Peer Gynt: "På ridestellet skal storfolk kjennes.")                           Orchestra

8.         In the Hall of the Mountain King (I Dovregubbens hall). Orchestra and chorus

9.         Dance of the Mountain King's Daughter (Dans av Dovregubbens datter). Orchestra

10.       Peer Gynt Hunted by the Trolls (Peer Gynt jages av troll). Melodrama

11.       Peer Gynt and the Bøyg (Scene med Bøygen). Melodrama and chorus


12.      The Death of Åse (Åses død). Orchestra

Act IV

13.      Prelude. Morning Mood (Forspill. Morgenstemning). Orchestra

14.      The Thief and the Receiver (Tyven og heleren). Two bass voices/orchestra

15.      Arabian Dance (Arabisk dans). Soprano solo/women's chorus/orchestra

16.      Anitra's Dance (Anitras dans). Orchestra

17.      Peer Gynt's Serenade (Peer Gynts serenade). Baritone solo/orchestra

18.      Peer Gynt and Anitra (Peer Gynt og Anitra). Melodrama

19.      Solveig's Song (Solveigs sang). Soprano solo/orchestra

20.      Peer Gynt at the Statue of Memnon (Peer Gynt ved Memnonstatuen). Orchestra

Act V

21.      Prelude. Peer Gynt's Homecoming. [Stormy Evening on the Sea]. (Forspill. Peer Gynts hjemfart. [Stormfull aften på                        havet]). Orchestra

22.      The Shipwreck (Skipsforliset). Orchestra

23.      Solveig Sings in the Hut (Solviegs sang i hytten). Soprano solo/mixed chorus/string orchestra

24.      Night Scene (Nattscene). Melodrama

25.      Whitsun Hymn: "Oh Blessed Morning" (Kirkefolk synger på skogstien). Mixed chorus

26.      Solveig's Cradle Song (Solveigs vuggevise). Soprano solo/mixed choir/orchestra

Op. 24. Ballade in G Minor (Ballade i g-moll)

            (Ballade in the Form of Variations on a Norwegian Melody). Piano, 1875-76.

Op. 25. Six Songs (Sex Digte af Henrik Ibsen) (Henrik Ibsen). Voice/piano, 1876.

1.        Fiddlers (Spillemænd)

2.        A Swan (En Svane)

3.        Album Lines (Stambogsrim)

4.        With a Water Lily (Med en vandlilje)

5.        Departed! (Borte)

6.        A Bird-Song (En fuglevise)

Op. 26. Five Songs (Fem Digte af John Paulsen) (John Paulsen). Voice/piano, 1876.

1.        Hope (Et Håb)

2.        I Walked One Balmy Summer Eve (Jeg reiste en deilig Sommerkvæld)

3.        You Whispered That You Loved Me (Den Ærgjerrige)

4.        The First Primrose (Med en Primula veris)

5.        Autumn Thoughts (På Skogstien)

Op. 27. String Quartet No. 1 in G Minor (Strykekvartett nr. 1, g-moll) Four movements, 1877-78.

Op. 28. Album Leaves (Fire albumblad) 1-4, piano, 1864-78.

Op. 29. Improvisations on Two Norwegian Folk Songs (Improvisata over to norske folkeviser) Piano, 1878.

Op. 30. Album for Male Voices (Album for mannssang) Male chorus/soloists, "freely adapted from Norwegian folk songs,"

             1877- 78.

1.        I Lay Down So Late (Jeg lagde mig så sildig)

2.        Children's Song (Bådn-låt). Humoresque.

3.        Little Torø (Torø liti)

4.        Kvålin's Halling (Kvålins halling)

5.        It Is the Greatest Foolishness (Dæ æ den største Dårleheit)

6.        Springdans (Går e ut ein Kveld. Springdans)

7.        Young Ole (Han Ole)

8.        Halling (Halling)

9.        Fairest Among Women (Dejligste blandt Kvinder)

10.      The Great White Host (Den store, hvite flokk)

11.      The Gypsy Lad (Fantegutten)

12.      Røtnams-Knut (Røtnams-Knut)

Op. 31. Land Sighting (Landkjenning) (Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson). Baritone solo/male chorus/harmonium, 1872. Rev. and arr. for                      baritone solo/male chorus/orchestra, 1881.

Op. 32. The Mountain Thrall (Den Bergtekne) (Text from Landstad's Norwegian Folk Ballads [Norske Folkeviser], 1853).

             Baritone solo/string orchestra/two horns, 1877-78.

Op. 33. Twelve Songs to Poems by A. O. Vinje (12 Melodier til Digte af A. O. Vinje) Voice/piano, 1873-80.

1.        The Youth (Guten)

2.        Last Spring (Våren)

3.        The Wounded Heart (Den Særde)

4.        The Berry (Tytebæret)

5.        Beside the Stream (Langs ei Å)

6.        A Vision (Eit Syn)

7.        The Old Mother (Gamle Mor)

8.        The First Thing (Det Første)

9.        At Rondane (Ved Rondane)

10.      A Piece on Friendship (Eit vennestykke)

11.      Faith (Trudom)

12.      The Goal (Fyremål)

Op. 34. Two Elegiac Melodies (To elegiske melodier) String orchestra, 1880.

1.        The Wounded Heart (Hjertesår ["Den Særde"])

2.        Last Spring (Våren)

Op. 35. Norwegian Dances (Norske danser) Four pieces for piano four hands, 1880.

Op. 36. Cello Sonata in A Minor (Cellosonate i a-moll) Three movements. Cello/piano, 1883.

Op. 37. Waltz Caprices (Valse-kapriser) Two pieces for piano four hands, 1883.

Op. 38. Lyric Pieces II (Lyriske stykker II) Piano, 1883.

1.        Cradle Song (Berceuse)

2.        Folk Song (Folkevise)

3.        Melody (Melodi)

4.        Halling (Halling)

5.        Springdans (Springdans)

6.        Elegy (Elegi)

7.        Waltz (Vals)

8.        Canon (Kanon)

Op. 39. Six Songs [Older and Newer] (Romancer [ældre og nyere])  Voice/piano, 1869-84.

1.        From Monte Pincio (Fra Monte Pincio) (B. Bjørnson)

2.        Hidden Love (Dulgt Kjærlighed) (B. Bjørnson)

3.        Upon a Grassy Hillside (I Liden højt deroppe) (Jonas Lie)

4.        Among Roses ( Millom Rosor) (Kristofer Janson)

5.        At the Grave of a Young Wife (Ved en ung Hustrus Båre) (O. P. Monrad)

6.        Hearing a Song or Carol (Hører jeg Sangen klinge) (Heine, trans. Nordahl Rolfsen)

Op. 40. From Holberg's Time [Holberg Suite] (Fra Holberge tid [Holberg-suiten])

             Suite in Olden Style. Piano, 1884. Arr. for string orchestra, 1885.

1.        Preludium (Preludium)

2.        Sarabande (Sarabande)

3.        Gavotte (Gavotte)

4.        Air (Air)

5.        Rigaudon (Rigaudon)

Op. 41. Transcriptions of Original Songs I (Klaverstykker etter egne sanger I) Piano, 1884.

1.        Cradle Song (Vuggesang) (op. 9, no. 2)

2.        Little Håkon [Margaret's Cradle Song] (Lille Håkon [Margretes vuggesang]) (op. 15, no. 1)

3.        I Love But Thee (Jeg elsker dig) (op. 5, no. 1)

4.        She Is So White (Hun er så hvid) (op. 18, no. 2)

5.        The Princess (Prinsessen) (EG 133)

6.        To Springtime My Song I'm Singing (Til våren [Jeg giver mit digt til våren]) (op. 21, no. 3)

Op. 42. Bergliot (Bergliot) (B. Bjørnson). Melodrama/piano, 1871. Rev. and arr. for orchestra, 1885.

Op. 43. Lyric Pieces III (Lyriske stykker III) Piano, 1886.

1.        Butterfly (Sommerfugl)

2.        Solitary Traveler (Ensom vandrer)

3.        In My Native Country (I hjemmet)

4.        Little Bird (Liten fugl)

5.        Erotikon (Erotik)

6.        To Spring (Til våren)

Op. 44. Reminiscences from Mountain and Fjord (Rejseminder fra Fjeld og Fjord) (Holger Drachmann). Voice/piano, 1886.

1.         Prologue (Prolog)

2.         Johanne (Johanne)

3.         Ragnhild (Ragnhild)

4.         Ingeborg (Ingeborg)

5.         Ragna (Ragna)

6.         Epilogue (Epilog)

Op. 45. Violin Sonata No. 3 in C Minor (Fiolinsonate nr. 3 i c-moll) Three movements. Violin/piano, 1886-87.

Op. 46. Peer Gynt Suite No. 1. (Peer Gynt Suite nr. 1) Orchestra, 1887B88.

1.         Morning Mood (Morgenstemning)

2.         The Death of Åse (Åses død)

3.         Anitra's Dance (Anitras dans)

4.         In the Hall of the Mountain King (I Dovregubbens hall)

Op. 47. Lyric Pieces IV (Lyriske stykker IV) Piano, 1885-88.

1.         Waltz-Impromptu (Valse-Impromptu)

2.         Album Leaf (Albumblad)

3.         Melody (Melodi)

4.         Halling (Halling)

5.         Melancholy (Melankoli)

6.         Springdans (Springdans)

7.         Elegy (Elegi)

Op. 48. Six Songs (Seks Sange) (Norwegian trans. by Nordahl Rolfsen) Voice/piano, 1884 and 1889.

1.         Greeting (Gruss/Hilsen) (Heine)

2.         One Day, O Heart of Mine (Dereinst, Gedanke mein/Jeg ved, min Tanke, ved) (Geibel)

3.         The Way of the World (Lauf der Welt/Verdens Gang)(Uhland)

4.         The Nightingale's Secret (Die verschwiegene Nachtgall/Nattergalen) (W. von der Vogelweide)

5.         The Time of Roses (Zur Rosenzeit/I Rosentiden) (Goethe)

6.         A Dream (Ein Traum/En Drøm) (Bodenstedt)

Op. 49. Six Songs (Seks Digte af Holger Drachmann) (Holger Drachmann). Voice/piano, 1886 and 1889.

1.         Tell Me Now, Did You See the Lad (Saa du Knøsen?)

2.         Rocking, Rocking on Gentle Waves (Vug, o Vove)

3.         Kind Greetings, Fair Ladies (Vær hilset, I Damer)

4.         Now Is Evening Light and Long (Nu er Aftnen lys og lang)

5.         Christmas Snow (Julesne)

6.         Spring Showers (Foraarsregn)

Op. 50. Scenes from "Olav Trygvason" (Scener fra Olav Trygvason) (B. Bjørnson). Unfinished opera. Comp. 1873, rev. and arr.                for orchestra 1888.

Op. 51. Old Norwegian Melody with Variations (Gammelnorsk romanse med variasjoner) Two pianos, 1890. Rev. and arr. for                      orchestra, 1900-05.

Op. 52. Transcriptions of Original Songs II (Klaverstykker etter egne sanger II) Piano, 1890.

1.         A Mothers' Grieg (Modersorg) (op. 15, no. 4)

2.         The First Meeting (Det første møde) (op. 21, no. 1)

3.         The Poet's Heart (Du fatter ej Bølgernes evige Gang) (op. 5, no. 2)

4.         Solveig's Song (Solveigs sang) (op. 23, no. 19)

5.         Love (Kjærlighed) (op. 15, no. 2)

6.         The Old Mother (Gamle mor) (op. 33, no. 7)

Op. 53.  Two Melodies for String Orchestra (To melodier for strykeorkester). 1890

1.         Norwegian ["The Goal"] (Norsk ["Fyremål"]) (op. 33, no. 12)        

2.         The First Meeting (Det første møde) (op. 21, no. 1)

Op. 54. Lyric Pieces V (Lyriske stykker V) Piano, 1891.

1.         Shepherd's Boy (Gjetergutt)

2.         Gangar (Gangar)

3.         March of the Dwarfs (Trolltog)

4.         Nocturne (Notturno)

5.         Scherzo (Scherzo)

6.         Bell Ringing (Klokkeklang)

Op. 55. Peer Gynt Suite No. 2 (Peer Gynt Suite nr. 2) Orchestra, 1890-92.

1.         The Abduction of the Bride. Ingrid's Lament (Bruderovet. Ingrids klage)

2.         Arabian Dance (Arabisk dans)

3.         Peer Gynt's Homecoming. Stormy Evening on the Sea (Peer Gynts hjemfart. Stormfull aften på havet)

4.         Solveig=s Song (Solveigs sang)

Op. 56. Three Orchestral Pieces from "Sigurd the Crusader" (Tre orkesterstykker fra "Sigurd Jorsalfar"), 1892.

1.         Prelude ("At the Matching Game") (Forspill ["Ved mannjevningen"])

2.         Intermezzo ("Borghild's Dream") (Intermezzo ["Borghilds drøm"])

3.         Homage March (Hyldningsmarsj)

Op. 57. Lyric Pieces VI (Lyriske stykker VI) Piano, 1893.

1.         Vanished Days (Svunne dager)

2.         Gade (Gade)

3.         Illusion (Illusjon)

4.         Secret (Hemmelighet)

5.         She Dances (Hun danser)

6.         Homesickness (Hjemve)

Op. 58. Five Songs (Norge ["Digte af John Paulsen"]) (John Paulsen). Voice/piano, 1893-94.

1.         Homeward (Hjemkomst)

2.         To the Motherland (Til Norge)

3.         Henrik Wergeland (Henrik Wergeland)

4.         The Shepherdess (Turisten)

5.         The Emigrant (Udvandreren)

Op. 59. Six Elegiac Songs (Elegiske Digte af John Paulsen) (John Paulsen). Voice/piano, 1893-94.

1.         Autumn Farewell (Når jeg vil dø)

2.         The Pine Tree (På Norges nøgne fjelde)

3.         To Her (I) (Til Én I)

4.         To her (II) (Til Én II)

5.         Good-bye (Farvel)

6.         Your Eyes Are Closed Forever (Nu hviler du i jorden)

Op. 60. Five Songs (Digte af Vilhelm Krag) (Vilhelm Krag). Voice/piano, 1893-94.

1.         Little Kirsten (Liden Kirsten)

2.         The Mother's Lament (Moderen synger)

3.         On The Water (Mens jeg venter)

4.         A Bird Cried Out (Der skreg en Fugl)

5.         Midsummer Eve (Og jeg vil ha mig en Hjertenskjær)

Op. 61. Seven Children's Songs (Barnlige Sange) Voice/piano, 1894. All arr. for 3-part chorus, 1901.

1.         The Ocean (Havet) (Nordahl Rolfsen)

2.         The Christmas Tree (Sang til juletræet) (Johan Krohn)

3.         Farmyard Song (Lok) (B. Bjørnson)

4.         Fisherman's Song (Fiskervise) (Petter Dass)

5.         Good-night Song for Dobbin (Kveldssang for Blakken) (Nordahl Rolfsen)

6.         The Norwegian Mountains (De norske fjelde) (Nordahl Rolfsen)

7.         Hymn of the Fatherland (Fædrelandssalme) (Johan Ludvig Runeberg, trans. by Nordahl Rolfsen)

Op. 62. Lyric Pieces VII (Lyriske stykker VII) Piano, 1895.

1.         Sylph (Sylfide)

2.         Gratitude (Takk)

3.         French Serenade (Fransk serenade)

4.         Brooklet (Bekken)

5.         Phantom (Drømmesyn)

6.         Homeward (Hjemad)

Op. 63. Two Nordic Melodies (To nordiske melodier) String orchestra, 1895.

1.         In Folk Style (I folketonestil) [melody by Fredrik Due]

2.         Cow Call and Peasant Dance (Kulokk & Stabbelåten)

Op. 64. Symphonic Dances (Symfoniske danser) 1-4. Orchestra, 1896-98.

Op. 65. Lyric Pieces VIII (Lyriske stykker VIII) Piano, 1896.

1.         From Early Years (Fra ungdomsdagene)

2.         Peasant's Song (Bondens sang)

3.         Melancholy (Tungsinn)

4.         Salon (Salong)

5.         Ballad (I balladetone)

6.         Wedding Day at Troldhaugen (Bryllupsdag på Troldhaugen)

Op. 66. Nineteen Norwegian Folk Songs (Nitten norske folkeviser) Piano, 1896.

1.        Cow Call (Kulokk)

2.        It Is the Greatest Foolishness (Det er den største dårlighed)

3.        A King Ruled in the East (En konge hersket i Østerland)

4.        The Siri Dale Song (Siri Dale-visen)

5.        It Was in My Youth (Det var i min ungdom)

6.        Cow Call and Lullaby (Lokk og bådnlåt)

7.        Lullaby (Bådnlåt)

8.        Cow Call (Lokk)

9.        Small Was the Lad (Liten va guten)

10.      Tomorrow You Shall Marry Her (Morgo ska du få gifta deg)

11.      There Stood Two Girls (Der stander to piger)

12.      Ranveig (Ranveig)

13.      A Little Grey Man (En liten grå mann)

14.      In Ola Valley, in Ola Lake (I Ola-dalom, i Ola-tjønn)

15.      Lullaby (Bådnlåt)

16.      Little Astrid (Ho vesle Astrid vår)

17.      Lullaby (Bådnlåt)

18.      I Wander Deep in Thought (Jeg går i tusen tanker)

19.      Gjendine's Lullaby (Gjendines bådnlåt)

Op. 67. The Mountain Maid (Haugtussa) ("Song Cycle from Arne Garborg's Story"). Voice/piano, 1895-98.

1.        The Enticement (Det syng)

2.        Veslemøy. The Young Maiden (Veslemøy)

3.        Blueberry Slope (Blåbær-Li)

4.        The Tryst (Møte)

5.        Love (Elsk)

6.        Kidlings' Dance (Killingdans)

7.        Hurtful Day (Vond Dag)

8.        At the Brook (Ved Gjætle-Bekken)

Op. 68. Lyric Pieces IX (Lyriske stykker IX) Piano, 1898-99.

1.        Sailors' Song (Matrosenes oppsang)

2.        Grandmother's Minuet (Bestemors menuett)

3.        At Your Feet (For dine føtter)

4.        Evening in the Mountains (Aften på høyfjellet)

5.        At the Cradle (Bådnlåt)

6.        Valse Mélancholique (Valse mélancholique)

Op. 69. Five Songs (Fem Digte af Otto Benzon) (Otto Benzon). Voice/piano, 1900.

1.        A Boat on the Waves Is Rocking (Der gynger en Båd på Bølge)

2.        To My Son (Til min Dreng)

3.        At Mother's Grave (Ved Moders Grav)

4.        Snail, Snail! (Snegl, Snegl!)

5.        Dreams (Drømme)

Op. 70. Five Songs (Fem Digte af Otto Benzon) (Otto Benzon). Voice/piano, 1900.

1.        Eros (Eros)

2.        A Life of Longing (Jeg lever et Liv i Længsel)

3.        Summer Night (Lys Nat)

4.        Walk With Care (Se dig for)

5.        A Poet's Song (Digtervise)

Op. 71. Lyric Pieces X (Lyriske stykker X) Piano, 1901.

1.        Once Upon a Time (Det var engang)

2.        Summer's Eve (Sommeraften)

3.        Puck (Småtroll)

4.        Peace of the Woods (Skogstillhet)

5.        Halling (Halling)

6.        Gone (Forbi)

7.        Remembrances (Efterklang)

Op. 72. Norwegian Peasant Dances (Slåtter) Arrangements for piano of Hardanger-fiddle dance tunes; based on Johan          

             Halvorsen's transcriptions of the tunes as played by Knut Dahle, 1902-03.

1.        Gibøen's Bridal March (Gibøens bruremarsj)

2.        John Vestafæ's Springdans (John Vestafæs springdans)

3.        Bridal March from Telemark (Bruremarsj fra Telemark)

4.        Halling from the Fairy Hill (Haugelåt)

5.       The Prillar from Os Parish (Prillaren fra Os prestegjeld)

6.        Myllarguten's Gangar (Gangar etter Myllarguten)

7.        Røtnams-Knut (Røtnams-Knut). Halling

8.        Myllarguten's Bridal March (Bruremarsj etter Myllarguten)

9.        Nils Rekve's Halling (Nils Rekves halling)

10.      Knut Luråsen's Halling I (Knut Luråsens halling I)

11.      Knut Luråsen's Halling II (Knut Luråsens halling II)

12.      Myllarguten's Springdans (Springdans etter Myllarguten)

13.      Håvar Gibøen's Dream at the Oterholt Bridge (Håvar Gibøens draum ved Oterholtsbrua). Springdans

14.     The Goblins' Bridal Procession at Vossevangen (Tussebrureferda på Vossevangen). Gangar

15.     The Skuldal Bride (Skuldalsbrura). Gangar

16.     The Maidens from Kivledal (Kivlemøyane). Springdans from Seljord

17.     The Maidens from Kivledal (Kivlemøyane). Gangar

Op. 73. Moods (Stemninger) Piano, 1901-05.

1.         Resignation (Resignasjon)

2.         Scherzo-Impromptu (Scherzo-Impromptu)

3.         Night Ride (Nattlig ritt)

4.         Folk Tune from Valdres (Folketone)

5.         Etude (Studie) ("Hommage à Chopin")

6.         The Students' Serenade (Studentenes serenade)

7.         Mountain Tune (Lualåt)

Op. 74. Four Psalms (Fire salmer) Mixed chorus a cappella with baritone solo, 1906.

1.         How Fair is Thy Face (Hvad est du dog skjøn) (H. A. Brorson)

2.         God's Son Hath Set Me Free (Guds Søn har gjort mig fri) (Brorson)

3.         Jesus Christ Our Lord is Risen (Jesus Kristus er opfaren) (Thomissøn)

4.         In Heav'n Above (I himmelen) (Laurentii)


B. Compositions with EG Numbers

EG 101. Larvik Polka (Larvikspolka) Piano, 1858. GGA 20, 1995 [B & Sch 102].

EG 102. Three Piano Pieces (Tre klaverstykker) 1858-59 [=104, nos. 2, 6, 5]. GGA 20, 1995 [B & Sch 103].

EG 103. Nine Children's Pieces (Ni barnestykker) Piano [= EG 104, nos. 4, 9, 10, 19, 21, 18, 13, 16, 7]. GGA 20, 1995 [B & Sch 104].

EG 104. 23 Short Pieces for Piano (23 småstykker for klaver) Piano, 1858-59. GGA 20, 1995. (Cf. EG 102-  

              103.) [B & Sch 105].

EG 105. Three Piano Pieces (Tre klaverstykker) 1860 [B & Sch 107].

EG 106. Agitato (Agitato) Piano, 1865. GGA 20, 1995 [B & Sch 116].

EG 107. Funeral March for Rikard Nordraak (Sørgemarsj over Rikard Nordraak) Piano, 1866. Also arr. for    

               large wind ensemble with percussion, 1867 [B & Sch 117].

EG 108. Norway's Melodies (Norges Melodier) ("Norway's Melodies arranged for piano with accompanying texts" Ca total of 154            

               numbers.) 1874-75 [B & Sch 133].

a.         Six Norwegian mountain melodies. Piano, 1866. A revised edition of six numbers from EG 108 [B &    

            Sch 134].

b.        10 original compositions.

c.        36 folk melodies.

d.        102 melodies by other composers.

EG 109. Album Leaf (Albumblad) Piano, 1878 [B & Sch 136B].

EG 110. White Clouds (Hvide Skyer) Piano, 1898 [B & Sch 154, no. 1].

EG 111. Procession of Gnomes (Tusseslåt) Piano, 1898 [B & Sch 154, no. 2].

EG 112. In the Whirl of the Dance (Dansen går) Piano, 1898 [B & Sch 154, no. 3].

EG 113. Mozart Piano Sonatas with a Freely Composed Second Piano Part (Klaver II til fire sonater av Mozart) 1877 [B & Sch 135].

EG 114. Fugue in F Minor (Fuge i f-moll) String quartet, 1861. GGA 9, 1978 [B & Sch 109].

EG 115. Intermezzo (Intermezzo) Cello/piano, 1866. GGA 8, 1979. [B & Sch 118].

EG 116. Andante con moto (Andante con moto) Piano/violin/cello, 1878. GGA 9, 1978 [B & Sch 137].

EG 117. String Quartet No. 2 in F Major (Strykekvartett nr. 2 i F-dur)

              Unfinished, 1891 [B & Sch 146].

EG 118. Fragments of a Piano Quintet (Fragmenter av en klaverkvintett) Year of composition unknown. GGA 20, 1995 [B & Sch 162].

EG 119. Symphony in C Minor (Symfoni i c-moll) 1864. GGA 11, 1984  [B & Sch 112].

EG 120. Fragments of a Piano Concerto in B Minor (Fragmenter til en klaverkonsert i h-moll)

              1883. GGA 20, 1995  [B & Sch 142].

EG 121. Look to the Sea (Siehst du das Meer) (Geibel). Voice/piano, 1859. GGA 15, 1991  [B & Sch 106].

EG 122. The Singing Congregation (Den syngende Menighed) (Grundtvig). Voice/piano, 1860. GGA 15, 1991 [B & Sch 108].

EG 123. Devoutest of Maidens (Til Kirken hun vandrer) (Benjamin Feddersen). Voice/piano, 1864. GGA 15,   

              1991  [B & Sch 114].

EG 124. Clara's Song (Claras Sang) From the light opera Courting on Helgoland (Frieriet på Helgoland)          

               (Benjamin Feddersen). Voice/piano, 1864. GGA 15, 1991  [B & Sch 115].

EG 125. The Soldier (Soldaten) (H. C. Andersen). Voice/piano 1865  [B & Sch 100, no. 5].

EG 126. My Little Bird (Min lille Fugl) (H. C. Andersen). Voice/piano 1865  [B & Sch 100, no. 2].

EG 127. I Love You, Dear (Dig elsker jeg!)

              (Caralis = Caspara Preetzmann). Voice/piano, 1865  [B & Sch 100, no. 3].

EG 128. Tears (Tåren) (H. C. Andersen). Voice/piano, 1865  [B & Sch 100, no. 4].

EG 129. Little Lad (Vesle gut) (Kristofer Janson). Voice/piano, 1866. GGA 15, 1991   [B & Sch 119].

EG 130. The Fair-haired Maid (I) (Den blonde Pige [I] ) (B. Bjørnson). Voice/piano, 1867 [B & Sch 100, no. 1].

EG 131. The Odalisque (Odalisken synger) (Carl Bruun). Voice/piano, 1870 [B & Sch 125].

EG 132. The Miner (Bergmanden) (Ibsen). Voice/piano, 1870 (?). GGA 15, 1991.

EG 133. The Princess (Prinsessen) (B. Bjørnson). Voice/piano, 1871 [B & Sch 126].

EG 134. Sighs (Suk) (B. Bjørnson). Voice/piano, 1873 [B & Sch 101, no. 4].

EG 135. For L. M. Lindeman's Silver Wedding Anniversary (Til L. M. Lindemans Sølvbryllup)

               (V. Nikolajsen).Voice/piano, 1873. 1873. GGA 15, 1991 [B & Sch 129, no. 2].

EG 136. To Christian Tønsberg (Til Generalkonsul Christian Tønsberg)

              (Johan Bøgh). Voice/piano, 1873. GGA 15, 1991 [B & Sch 129, no. 2].

EG 137. The White and Red, Red Roses (Den hvide, røde Rose)

              (B. Bjørnson). Voice/piano, 1873. GGA 15, 1991 [B & Sch 128].

EG 138. The Fair-haired Maid (II) (Den blonde Pige [II] )

              (B. Bjørnson). Voice/piano, 1874. GGA 15, 1991.

EG 139. Morning Prayer at School (Morgenbøn på skolen)

              (Fredrik Gjertsen). Voice/piano, 1875 [B & Sch 129, no. 3].

EG 140. On the Ruins of Hamar Cathedral (På Hamars Ruiner)

              (Vinje). Voice/piano, 1880 [B & Sch 101, no.1].

EG 141. The Young Woman (Jenta)

              (Vinje). Voice/piano, 1880. GGA 15, 1991 [B & Sch 138, no. 2].

EG 142. The Forgotten Maid (Attegløyma)

              (Vinje). Voice/piano, 1880. GGA 15, 1991 [B & Sch 138, no. 1].

EG 143. Dyre Vaa (Dyre Vaa)

              (Welhaven). Voice/piano, 1880. GGA 15, 1991.

EG 144. Beneath the Christmas Tree (Under Juletræet)

              (Nordahl Rolfsen). Voice/piano, 1885 [B & Sch 129, no. 4].

EG 145. The Blueberry (Blåbæret)

              (Didrik Grønvold). Voice/piano, 1896. GGA 15, 1991 [B & Sch 153].

EG 146. Easter Song (Osterlied)

              (A Böttger). Voice/piano, 1889 [B & Sch 144].

EG 147. A Simple Song (Simpel Sang)

              (Holger Drachmann). Voice/piano, 1889 [B & Sch 101, no.3].

EG 148. You Often Fix Your Gaze (Du retter tidt dit Øyepar)

              (Holger Drachmann). Voice/piano, 1889. GGA 15, 1991 [B & Sch 145].

EG 149. Election Song (Valgsang)

              (B. Bjørnson). Men's chorus, 1893 [B & Sch 122].

EG 150. Ave maris stella (Ave maris stella)

              (Thor Lange). Voice/piano, 1893. Mixed chorus, 1899 [B & Sch 155 & 156, no. 2].

EG 151. National Song (Fædrelandssang)

              (John Paulsen). Voice/piano, 1894. GGA 15, 1991 [B & Sch 160].

EG 152. Garborg Songs (Haugtussa-sanger)

              (Songs from The Mountain Maid not included in op. 67). Voice/piano, 1895. GGA 15, 1991 [B & Sch 149].

a.         Prologue (Prolog)

b.         Veslemøy at the Spinning Wheel (Veslemøy ved rokken)

c.         Dusk (Kvelding)

d.         The Sparrow (Sporven) arr. for 3-part women=s chorus/piano 1895, GGA 17, 1995 [B & Sch 150].

e.         Warning (Fyrevarsel)

f.          In the Hayfield (I slåtten)

g.         Veslemøy Wondering (Veslemøy undrast)

h.         Doomed (Dømd)

i.          The Nice Boy (Den snille guten)

j.          Veslemøy Longing (Veslemøy lengtar)

k.         Forest Joy (Skog-glad)

l.          Cow Call (Ku-Lok)

m.        Andante (Andante) [Introduction to "The Mountain Maid"?]. Piano.

EG 153.  I Loved Him (Jeg elsket)

               From the unfinished "Peace Oratorio" (oratoriet Fred)(B. Bjørnson). Voice/piano, 1891 [B & Sch 101, no. 2].

EG 154. To a Devil (English text was the original)

               (Otto Benzon). Voice/piano, 1900. GGA 15, 1901 [B & Sch 157].

EG 155. Yuletide Cradle Song (Julens Vuggesang)

               (Adolf Langsted). Voice/piano, 1900 [B & Sch 101, no. 5].

EG 156. Gentlemen Rankers (Gentlemen-menige) (Norw. trans. Rosenkrantz Johnsen)

               (R. Kipling). Voice/piano, 1900. GGA 15, 1901 [B & Sch 158].

EG 157. The Hunter (Der Jäger)

               (W. Schultz). Voice/piano, 1905 [B & Sch 101, no. 6].

EG 158. Cantata for the Unveiling of the W. F. K. Christie Monument (Christie-kantate)

              (Andreas Munch). Male chorus/wind instruments, 1868. GGA 16, 1986 [B & Sch 123].

EG 159. Dona nobis pacem (Dona nobis pacem)

               Mixed chorus, 1862. GGA 17, 1985 [B & Sch 110].

EG 160. Four Songs for Male Chorus (Fire mannskorsanger)

              1863. GGA 17, 1985 [B & Sch 111].

a.          Norwegian War Song (Norsk krigssang) (Wergeland)

b.          Fredericksburg (Fredriksborg) (Chr. Richardt)

c.          Student Life (Studereliv) (Chr. Richardt)

d.          The Late Rose (Den sildige rose) (A. Munch)

EG 161. Denmark (Danmark)

               (H. C. Andersen). Mixed chorus/piano, 1864. GGA 17, 1985 [B & Sch 113].

EG 162. Two Songs for Male Chorus (To sanger for mannskor)

               (Jørgen Moe). 1867.

a.         Evening Mood (Aftenstemning) [B & Sch 121]

b.         The Bear Hunter (Bjørneskytten) [B & Sch 120]

EG 163. Norwegian Sailors' Song (Sjømandssang)

              (B. Bjørnson). Male chorus, 1869B70 [B & Sch 124].

EG 164. Cantata for Karl Hals (Kantate til Karl Hals)

              (B. Bjørnson). Tenor/women's chorus/mixed chorus/piano, 1873. GGA 17, 1985  [B & Sch 130].

EG 165. At J. S. Welhaven's Grave (Ved J. S. Welhavens Grav)

              (Jørgen Moe). Male chorus, 1873 [B & Sch 127].

EG 166. Chorus for the Supporters of Freedom in Scandinavia (Opsang for Frihedsfolket i Norden)

              (B. Bjørnson). Male chorus, 1874 [B & Sch 131].

EG 167. At the Halfdan Kjerulf Statue (Ved Halfdan Kjerulfs Mindestøtte)

              (Andreas Munch). Tenor/male chorus, 1874 [B & Sch 132]. Also arr. for piano solo.

EG 168. Inga Litamor (Inga Litamor)

              Baritone/male chorus, 1901. GGA 17, 1985 [B & Sch 136A].

EG 169. Two Songs for Male Chorus (To mannskorsanger av Olav Lofthus)

               (Olaf Lofthus). 1881.

a.         My Finest Thought (Min deiligste tanke) [B & Sch 139].

b.         Our Watchword (Vårt løsen) [B & Sch 140].

EG 170. A Greeting to the Singers (Sangerhilsen)

              (Sigvald Skavlan). Male chorus, 1883 [B & Sch 141].

EG 171. Holberg Cantata (Holberg-kantate)

              (Nordahl Rolfsen). Baritone/male chorus, 1884 [B & Sch 143].

EG 172. Song of the Flag (Flagvise)

              (Johan Brun). Male chorus, 1893. GGA 17, 1985 [B & Sch 147].

EG 173. Greetings from Kristiania Singers (Kristianiensernes Sangerhilsen)

              (Jonas Lie). Baritone/male chorus, 1896  [B & Sch 151].

EG 174. Westerly Wind (Jædervise)

              (Jonas Dahl). Male chorus, 1896 [B & Sch 161].

EG 175. Impromptu (Impromptu)

              (B. Bjørnson). Male chorus, 1896 [B & Sch 152].

EG 176. To Ole Bull (Til Ole Bull)

              (Welhaven). Male chorus, 1901. GGA 17, 1985. Voice/piano, 1901. GGA 17, 1985 [B & Sch 159].

EG 177. Six Songs with Orchestra (Seks sanger med orkester)

              Orchestrated 1894-95 [B & Sch 148].

a.         Solveig's Song (Solveigs sang) (op. 23, no. 19)

b.         Solveig's Cradle Song (Solveigs vuggevise) (op. 23, no. 26)

c.         From Monte Pincio (Fra Monte Pincio) (op. 39, no. 1)

d.         A Swan (En Svane) (op. 25, no. 2)

e.         Last Spring (Våren) (op. 33, no. 2)

f.           Henrik Wergeland (Henrik Wergeland) (op. 58, no. 3)

EG 178. Halling (Halling)

              Transcription for Hardanger fiddle. GGA 20, 1995.

EG 179. Canon (Kanon) Piano, date of composition unknown. GGA 20, 1995.

EG 180. Pieces from exercise books at the Leipzig Conservatory of Music.


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